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The Hedgerow Farms Team

One of the thing the entire Hedgerow Farms team has in common is dedication to conservation and restoration. Combined our team has over sixty five years of hands on experience with California natives. Our experience and commitment to ecological preservation has driven us to become California’s premier native seed provider. 

Alejandro Garcia ​

Alejandro García

Collections Expert

Alejandro Garcia brings 30 years of experience identifying and collecting native California plants in the wild. Alejandro brings technical expertise and extensive botanical knowledge to the collections crew that he supervises.​

Julia Michaels, PhD.​

Julia Michaels, PhD.

VP of Scientific & Public Affairs

Julia Michaels completed her Ph.D. in Ecology at U.C. Davis and has taught Restoration Ecology at Sacramento State and Reed College. She oversees the collection of wildland seed and the design of custom seed mixes for large projects.

Jeff Quiter​

Jeff Quiter

Farm Manager

Jeff started at Hedgerow Farms as one of the many mentees of our founder, John Anderson. Over his 15 years working at Hedgerow Farms, Jeff has formed close connections with the land and the scientists, managers, and agencies that work to conserve and restore the Central Valley.

Manolo Sánchez​

Manolo Sánchez

Collections Expert

Manolo Sánchez has been collecting native seed in wildland areas for over 15 years. Alejandro has personally harvested over 400 species from grassland, coastal, desert, and mountain habitats in California.

Joshua Scoggin​

Joshua Scoggin

Associate Ecologist

Joshua coordinates the wildland collection crew at Hedgerow Farms. He studied Conservation Biology at Seattle University.

Trish Gomez

VP of Sales

Trish has over 20 years of sales and management experience in the native seed industry. She works closely with contractors, agencies and businesses, providing guidance and expertise from the bidding process to final delivery.