Native Seed Group Brand

35 Years of Ecological Commitment

When John Anderson founded Hedgerow Farms in the 1980’s, he had a vision of growing high-quality native seed while also cultivating knowledge and passion for ecological restoration. Now 35 years later, we remain dedicated to these core values.

Whether you need a basic native seed mix, a multiyear custom grow, or something in between, Hedgerow Farms has a solution for projects of every size. As much as we take pride in the quality of our seed, it’s the experience we foster with our customers that we value the most. To ensure that experience is second to none, we go above and beyond in every aspect of our native seed production process.

It Begins With Seed

Although Hedgerow Farms is where we grow our native plants for seed production, our seed story begins before anything is even planted. Our team of expert botanists travel hundreds of miles across California to hand collect small amounts of seed from native species growing in their natural wildland habitats. Hand collecting seed is crucial to our process because it allows us to focus on providing the most local and well-adapted seed of known genetic origin that we possibly can.


We then take the hand-collected seed and plant it at our 300 acres of productive farmland near Winters, California. Hedgerow Farms is capable of amplifying and producing multiple generations of seed from that original collection, right here at the farm. We use best farming practices to prevent any cross contamination or cross breeding between our production fields.

Once the seed has been collected and is ready to ship, it is cleaned at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility located right on the farm. It is then inspected and quality-tested before being packaged, stored, and shipped. From seed collection and harvesting to packing and shipping, our team of committed and highly knowledgeable individuals handles every aspect of the process.

Our Founders

Dedicated To Restoration

At Hedgerow Farms, we’re dedicated to restoring native ecosystems as much as the people who buy our seed. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve that mission on your next project.