Native Seed Group Brand
Native Seed Group Brand

Creating A Sustainable Future with Seed & Erosion Control Solutions

Hedgerow Farms is proud to be an integral part of the NativeSeed Group, a collection of the leading native seed brands in the western United States. The NativeSeed Group shares best-practices across all areas of project consultation, seed production, wildland collection, inventory management, and best-in-cass customer support. Most important, the NativeSeed Group, through its members individually and collectively, embody decades of trust and commitment to responsible conservation and habitat restoration.

Get sophisticated, custom seed blends quickly

NativeSeed Group offers customized seed blends to meet each project’s specific needs. We offer the widest selection of seed, species and varieties to choose from and can mix and ship on a just-in-time basis.
NativeSeed Group
Leading Advice from Scientists

Expert advice from leading scientists

For nearly 50 years our team of advanced degree plant ecologists and wildland scientists have helped ensure projects are done correctly and sustainably. We often work closely with landscape architects, environmental engineers, and botanists to create and deliver custom seed blends to fit any project and budget.