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Scaling Up While Staying Local

Native Seed Project Consultation to Completion

Hedgerow Farms stands alone as the only California native seed company capable of turnkey products and services covering all aspects of successful large-scale conservation or habitat restoration projects:

Project Consultation & Design

At Hedgerow Farms we’re dedicated to restoring native ecosystems as much as the people who buy our seed. Need help with your seed mix or project design? Hedgerow Farms is here to help. We work closely with environmental consultants, plant ecologists and others to ensure that seed mix specifications balance the need for locally adapted seed with what will work in the field, all within the parameters of a client’s project budget. Our staff of highly experienced plant ecologists and support personnel have over 25 years’ experience, and stand by ready to help.

Project Consultation & Design
Wildland Collections​

Wildland Collections

Our team of expert botanists travel hundreds of miles across California to hand collect small amounts of seed from native species growing in their natural wildland habitats. Hand collecting seed is crucial to our process because it allows us to focus on providing the most local and well-adapted seed of known genetic origin that we possibly can.

Contract Production

Hedgerow Farms is capable of amplifying and producing multiple generations of seed from any original collection, right here at the farm. We use best farming practices to prevent any cross contamination or cross breeding between our production fields.

Contract Production​
Seed Cleaning​

Seed Cleaning

Once seed as been collected in the wild and/or produced, it is cleaned at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility located right on the farm. It is then inspected and quality-tested before being packaged, stored, and shipped.

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