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Hedgerow Farms grows origin-known California native grasses, forbs, sedges and rushes. After harvest, we clean and test the seed to ensure a high level of purity and germination. Most of our ecotypes are from the California Central Valley, Valley Foothills and Central Inner Coast Range. For more information, please see the links below.

Species & Ecotypes
View our Species Chart, learn more about our ecotypes, and see photos of our species.

  • Species Chart: The complete list of the species and ecotypes we offer, plus information on availability, live seeds per pound, soil preferences, sun tolerance, and photos of each species.

  • Ecotypes: See an interactive map of our ecotypes plus descriptions of each seed collection site.


Learn about custom and pre-mixed seed blends, and see various species lists for use in creating your custom mix.

Find our plug transplant specifications, our plug planting informational flyer, and photos of our nursery and plug plants.

Find our straw bale specifications and see what straw we have available.